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Sheet Metal Coil Processing DVD

Sheet Metal Coil Processing introduces the primary methods of processing sheet metal coils and featurs segments on coil slitting, coil blanking, and coil processing lines.

A Lean Supply Chain at John Deere DVD

This program, A Lean Supply Chain at John Deere, is about the successful partnership between John Deere and one of its suppliers, the R&B Machining and Grinding Company. Find out what changes were required to lean their supply chain and how they successfully handled the changes to move from batch to lean production. See how they developed shorter cycle times needed for build-to-demand and how they are able to achieve higher quality, lower costs and better delivery performance.

Engineering a Lean Supply Chain DVD

This Engineering a Lean Supply Chain program explores the business practice of supply chain collaboration and explains how companies are "leaning" their supply chain. New competitive pressures have made all manufacturing companies realize they need to be part of a supply chain and focus their business on the part of the process they do best. The constant flow of materials and information within these supply chains can contain a large amount of waste if not managed properly. We will show why collaboration between customers and suppliers is so important and where you can find waste in your supply chain.

Lean Tooling in Action DVD

This Lean Tooling in Action program will show you case studies from four companies who have successfully implemented lean tooling, plus learn specifically what you can do to be more like these companies.

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing DVD

Use this Introduction to Lean Manufacturing program to familiarize the concept of lean manufacturing to everyone in your organization so they can become more involved in the transition from mass production to lean production. This program explains the core philosophy behind lean manufacturing, and gives insight into why so many companies are adopting the lean principles. This program identifies many value-added and non-value added activities. Learn why total system efficiency is a more appropriate goal than individual efficiencies.

Industrial Robotics DVD

This program covers the array of robot configurations and features segments on robot anatomy and types, robotic programming, and sensors.