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An Advanced Manufacturing Expo Driving Industry Progression

As part of the Manufacturing Technology Series, HOUSTEX offers expert conference sessions and an advanced manufacturing expo that provides a firsthand look at new industry technologies. Attendees get the chance to view dozens of manufacturing products in one place at HOUSTEX. These products can help manufacturers solve pressing problems and serve as long-term solutions to improve productivity.

HOUSTEX is the premier advanced manufacturing expo in the Southwest. The show floor features technologies for 3D printing and additive manufacturing, CNC machining, composite manufacturing, and digital transformations. This event brings together thousands of manufacturing professionals, efficiently connecting exhibiting suppliers to manufacturing company buyers and decision-makers.

But aside from just business opportunities, HOUSTEX also has a myriad of learning opportunities for attendees. The knowledge bars, keynote presentations, and panel discussions provide solutions to manufacturing challenges. Expert speakers and panelists give insights into how the industry can use advanced technologies to continue to progress. As manufacturing advances, industrial companies are looking for methods to keep up with current technologies and succeed in the future. 

The Current State of U.S. Manufacturing

Before the pandemic, innovative manufacturing ideas such as digital transformations were pushed off. Often advanced manufacturing technologies were put into future plans, with assumptions that they weren’t needed yet. Well, the massive disruption COVID-19 caused to manufacturing and the supply chain proved just how much the industry needs to digitize.

Though there have been limited advanced manufacturing expos in the past two years due to restrictions, manufacturing professionals want to get back to attending in-person events. Manufacturers know they need to innovate to prepare for the post-pandemic future of manufacturing. Attending an advanced manufacturing expo can help them find what they need.

Now that manufacturing facilities are past the lockdowns and have resumed production operations, they’re looking for ways to improve product development, design and manufacturing processes. Next steps will involve incorporating smart manufacturing technologies to digitally connect operations.

Advancing the Manufacturing Industry

Attending an advanced manufacturing expo helps companies find new products they can use to continually innovate processes and operations. But these events are more than just good business for companies. They also have a positive impact that ripples through the entire manufacturing industry.

Aside from the fact that professionals want to attend in-person events, these advanced manufacturing trade shows help drive the industry forward. As manufacturing digitizes operations and incorporates more and more technology, manufacturers are struggling to keep up and remain competitive. This is especially true for small- and medium-sized manufacturers, which make up a significant number of attendees at these events.

Industry experts and trailblazers congregate at expos to share manufacturing innovations and ideas with the goal of resolving industry-wide issues. These opportunities also facilitate networking connections, which lead to meaningful partnerships that can have lasting impacts for the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing partnerships are a key part of ensuring U.S. manufacturing continues to compete on a global level. These collaborations spur manufacturing innovation, expand research and development, and continue to push the industry forward. And these relationships often start with an introduction at an advanced manufacturing expo. Getting back to in-person manufacturing events is important for attendees and critical for the advancement of the industrial sector.

Attend HOUSTEX to learn more about how advanced manufacturing expos are driving the industry forward.