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Chris Kuehl: Manufacturing in the Post-Recession World

The short-lived pandemic recession and the ensuing economic recovery are the focus of a keynote address presented by Chris Kuehl, PhD, on Day 1 of HOUSTEX 2021 — a recent advanced manufacturing event that’s part of the Manufacturing Technology Series. The presentation revolves around the United States economy and what it has experienced over the past two years.

During the keynote, Kuehl dives into details about the supply chain crisis, labor shortages and the effects of consumer demand. He centers his talk on the manufacturing industry and offers insight into what the economy will look like in 2022.

Watch Kuehl’s keynote presentation below:

In the video, Kuehl discusses the United States’ recent growth rate amid the pandemic, current inflation rates, and predictions about future interest rates. His prediction on the 2021 Q4 growth rate is already on track to come true.

He describes how the pandemic has affected both advanced and traditional manufacturing, highlighting the negative and positive effects. He outlines options available to manufacturers to better navigate this post-recession market. One major issue covered is the current labor shortage affecting manufacturing and several adjacent industries.

Kuehl also talks about how the pandemic has accelerated reshoring in the United States. He ends the keynote with an emphasis on how important manufacturing is to the country’s economy. Make sure to watch until the end of the video for some audience Q&A.

To hear more of Kuehl’s insights, check out Business Intelligence Briefs or Black Owl Reports. Both are publications from Armada Corporate Intelligence.

For more information on the advanced manufacturing industry and to see more keynote presentations from industry professionals, attend HOUSTEX.

About the speaker: As the managing director and co-founder of Armada Corporate Intelligence Kuehl provides forecasts and strategic guidance to corporate clients across the globe. He also serves as the chief economist for multiple national and international organizations. Aside from being a business leader, Kuehl is a scholar with a doctorate in political economics. Prior to co-founding Armada, he was a professor of economics and finance, and taught in multiple countries.