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Houston Manufacturing Drives Growth in Texas

Houston manufacturing helps drive the Texas economy. Growth within the manufacturing industry is tied closely to manufacturing trends.

The Numbers

Houston, Texas is #2 in the United States metro areas for manufacturing Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and the state of Texas employs about 7% of the total manufacturing workforce. About 1 in 3 manufacturers in Texas are located in Houston. The state’s manufacturers make up 13% of the total work output in the state. Houston is one of the most important industrial bases in the world because of its location in the United States and in the Americas.

The Industries

For the last 20 years, Texas’s high-tech and transportation industries led the manufacturing sector’s GDP growth, and those industries continue to grow. Texas’s computer and electronics manufacturing GDP increased 544.1% between 2001 and 2019. The motor vehicle manufacturing industry GDP increased 285.3%. The chemical manufacturing industry has also seen rapid growth recently. This industry has been supported by Texas’s large petroleum industry (responsible for oil and gas industrial manufacturing).

The Growth

There are roughly 6,500 manufactures in the Houston region which produces more than $80 billion products annually, and the industry only continues to grow. Houston manufacturing industries, products, and services helped to contribute to 4.1% of the overall employment growth rate in the Houston area from 2010 to 2017.

In May alone, Houston introduced 29 new partnerships. Five of these partnerships were in the manufacturing industry. Houston has one of the largest manufacturing workforces in the country, with more than 213,000 employees. The manufacturers and manufacturing companies in Houston hold the resources to develop new products and businesses with innovation, technology, and education.

The manufacturing industries create important opportunities for economic growth. It provides pathways for a diverse group of job seekers and entrepreneurs. Moreover, small, urban manufacturers can bring the necessary economic activity and jobs to communities.

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