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Manufacturing Technology: Keeping up with the Times

Manufacturing technology is evolving every day at a very rapid pace. But with jam-packed days and busy lives how do we know which manufacturing technology is right for us? We here at SME know that you don’t have hours to spend researching the latest developments on every manufacturing technology your company needs, so we’re putting together a series of blogs packed with useful resources. In this edition, we’ll be covering manufacturing apps.

Pocket-sized problem solvers

What do you do when you need to order a pizza, read the latest news, or perhaps make an online purchase? If you’re like 77% of American adults, you probably reach for your smartphone because it’s the most accessible device on which you can accomplish tasks and solve problems.
Problems like sudden downtime. An unexpected work stoppage can be detrimental to the pace of production. When every second counts, the Up! app connects manufacturers with service providers who want to work as quickly as possible to make the repair and get you back to production. To receive multiple bids from credible, rated service professionals all you need to do is open the app and click a button to submit a service request. It’s that simple! Like what you see? Visit Up! at booth 3013.

Leaning toward maximum efficiency

For being called “Lean Manufacturing” it sure involves a lot of complex processes to juggle and data to interpret. Moreover, each manufacturing facility has its own unique methods for keeping lean. Enter the Canvas 5s Lean Audit Checklist. This program has a flexible template that allows the user to fully customize checklist processes to meet specific goals. We checked out their site on a desktop and the drag-and-drop feature of initial setup is incredibly easy to use. The end result is a detailed interactive checklist that will allow your team to keep track of lean management on the go and in real time.  Additionally, implementation of a real-time data analytics platform like MachineMetrics can provide valuable insights visible right on the shop floor and remotely from anywhere, anytime. With their Service option, you can grant remote access to your service team for monitoring, managing, diagnosing and even solving machine problems before they cause downtime. All of these help achieve maximum efficiency on your shop floor!

Chain, Chain, Chain

So now that a product has been manufactured on time and in the leanest way possible, it’s time to talk about supply chain management. Warehouse Inventory and Shipment by Snappii is, well, a snap! It is fully customizable and ultimately designed to help your organization use captured data to optimize supply chain processes by increasing productivity, lowering costs, and ensuring a positive experience for your customers.

Collaborate like a boss

Siemens has a multitude of resources for manufacturers of all types, but one that caught our eye is the Solid Edge Free Viewer. While not technically an app in your app store, it does have a mobile version and it is free to use. This free tool packs a powerful punch with the ability to view Solid Edge drawings and 3D Models. In addition, it allows you to rotate, pan, or zoom, save images and send via email. This is a handy tool for teams who operate at the speed of Industry 4.0. When your company collaborates in real time everybody wins, and who doesn’t want happy employees and happy customers?