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Texas Hydrogen Stations Infrastructure Gets Boost From Federal Funding

As many as five hydrogen stations will be constructed in Texas with the help of approximately $70 million in funding from the federal government. The funds will be awarded to the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

The H2 funding is part of a bigger funding project that includes an EV charging network. While EVs are increasingly seen as the preferred eco-friendly choice for passenger vehicles in the US, unlike cars, heavy trucks require more power, more range and faster refueling than what traditional battery electric technology can currently provide. 

For this reason, turning to alternative forms of clean fuel, such as hydrogen, for these vehicles is seen by many to be a more sensible solution. However, development and adoption of hydrogen trucks has been limited due to the lack of reliable refueling infrastructure.

Once built in Texas, the hydrogen stations will add to the growing network of H2 refueling infrastructure, making refueling possible in metro areas from Southern California to Texas, most notably along Interstate 10.

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